funny birthday wishes for everyone 2023

funny birthday wishes for your loved ones and for everyone 2023 to make a smile on their face. Make a smile on the faces of your friends, family and near and dear ones with funny birthday wishes for everyone 2023.

Best funny birthday wishes
best funny birthday wishes
  • Sorry to say, end of your teenage years, now don’t expect gifts like toffees, chocolates, candies from people around you. Happy birthday dear
  • People often start to forget things at this age, so I am sending you birthday wishes again, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, you are active, smart, and young, thank God, I can say all this at least for some more coming years.
  • I think now you need an electric blower to blow out all your birthday candles, Happy birthday.
  • Turning old means wiser you are, but you are doing the same childish things, congratulations you are not old. Happy birthday, dear.
  • I’ve come here to eat your birthday cake but it has disappeared in candles. Happy birthday.
  • You have a sharp memory even at this age because you can easily find where you have forgotten your car’s keys. Many-many happy returns of the day.
  • I have come here to see your wonderful and delicious cake, but dozens of candles on it are hiding it. Anyway, happy birthday dear. 
  • When you swallow more pill than your meals to digest, you can understand what it means. Happy birthday dear
  • Don’t worry if all your teeth are ready to say goodbye to your mouth. You can always enjoy eating your tasty cake with the help of your dentist friend.
  • Congrats, now you are permitted to keep a big fat stick and use it for your protection. Happy birthday

funny birthday wishes for everyone 2023

  • As your best friend, I can easily understand that you are trying to hide your age by saying,” sorry, I forget to buy all candles except one for birthday cake.” I never mind it. Happy birthday, friend.
  • When the candles occupy all space of your birthday cake,  it means you are old now.
  • I’m right here for the cake only. Many-many happy returns of the day
  • I have come from far to eat your delicious birthday cake and not candles, where is your cake?
  • So what is going to be special on your birthday? Your birthday cake or candles.
  • Happy birthday to a girl, who is 25 for the last 5 years, happy birthday dear.
  • Finding a gift for you is not very easy because God has blessed you with everything that you want.
  • When candles start hiding your birthday cake, you should understand that you are getting old. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Happy birthday from a kind and compassionate person you know.

funny birthday wishes messages for everyone 2023

  • When the candles price you greater than the cake, remember the fact that you might be getting old. Happy Birthday!
  • As you might be getting older, three issues are certain to occur the primary is that your reminiscence fades. I will not consider the opposite two of them!
  • On this special day, you’re allowed to consume cake for breakfast- Happy  Birthday!
  • When you need a blower to blow out candles on your birthday cakes, this is the sign of getting old. Happy birthday
  • When you start paying an equal price for candles and birthday cake, you are growing old, many many happy returns of the day.
  • Happy birthday from a person who is well known for wisdom.
  • Happy birthday from a smart, handsome person you know from your childhood.
  • I assume I’m the one individual at this birthday celebration who is aware of your entire secrets, happy birthday
  • When birthday candles need more space on your birthday cake,  you can easily guess that you are getting old.
  • Happy Birthday! a great super presence! What an exceptional intelligence! What an attraction, and what gorgeous eyes! But that all about me.

funny birthday wishes for everyone 2023

  • Happy Birthday to the one girl I’ve ever identified who has been 25 for the remaining 5 years.
  • Remember the days when you were young and restless, but now? Happy birthday
  • Gone are the days when your birthday cake was as sweet as you, now it’s sugar-free as you need it to keep yourself fit.
  • When the candle on your birthday cake starts to eat more cake than your guests, you should understand that you are turning old.
  • Now your guests take more interest in numbers of candles on the cake, not in big sweet yummy birthday cake.
  • I try my best to hide your age, but your national identity card reveals the truth
  • Today is your birthday, remember it, till the end of the day, happy birthday, I wish you sharp memory
  • Happy birthday, dear, don’t forget to carry your denture to taste your sweet yummy birthday cake.
  • Don’t worry about your white hairs, today I gift you a perfect hair color for a rock star looks, many-many happy return of the day dear.
  • You are still young because your mind is still in a growing stage, happy Birthday
  • Congratulations! Now you avail unlimited benefits, offers, and schemes available for senior citizens. Happy birthday
  • I wish you get a fire extinguisher as one of your birthday gifts because the number of candles on your birthday cake may cause a fire hazard to your guests, happy birthday.
funny birthday wishes for everyone 2023
  • Don’t worry, your broken teeth can’t stop you from eating delicious birthday cake, just get a new set of teeth from your dentist.
  • People often forget as getting old, make sure to do a high quality video recording of our birthday, because the next day I have to make you believe that yesterday was your birthday and it was rocking. Happy birthday
  • It’s so sad to know that you have to say goodbye to fast food, sweet donuts, drinks, and other pretty tasty spicy food. All of them are not good for your health at this age.
  • My dear friend, again planning to celebrate your birthday with great pomp, I hope you digest all spicy and sweet dishes successfully. Happy birthday
  • Happy birthday, dear, soon you will save your spending on expensive hair gel, hair cream, stylish hair combs and also hair colors. I hope you enjoy your old age with this money
  • Happy birthday, just put a thick layer of makeup to hide wrinkles on your face, you are still looking young.
  • Congrats, now you have a walking stick, and you can use them for your protection. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, remember each gray hair on your head is a sign of wisdom, but you often color them black
  • Dear ,on your next year you may be eligible to get painless, removable white shining teeth as your birthday gift, happy birthday
Funny belated birthday wishes
  • Courier boy said your friend is so good and deserves a birthday week, that’s why he delivered birthday card late to you. Happy birthday!
  • Although I have a sharp memory, yet I forgot to take my memory booster pill and missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday!
  • I am not the person who wished you first on your birthday, but I am the last. If you count your birthday wishes in descending order, then I am on the top!
  • You means a lot to me and I remember you all the time but not your birthday, I hope you understand, Happy belated birthday to you my dear!
  • Hope you had an amazing birthday as amazing you are. It hurts, I missed a big day of yours!
  • Surprisingly, I forgot your birthday, but not your age, happy belated birthday!
  • Due to a core update of my mind I forgot your birthday, you are always in my heart!
  • You are lucky, after a week you are still getting birthday wishes from your loved ones, accept one from me, happy birthday dear!
  • I am so sad, I missed your birthday moreover a rocking birthday party and great celebrations. I hope you are with me to console. Happy belated birthday

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