funny birthday wishes for wife from husband, short poems 2022

Finally day has come to wish to your beautiful and wise wife with funny birthday wishes for wife and make a smile on her face, celebrating wife’s birthday is above all for a caring husband, and it is certainly an important occasion to celebrate. Pick from hilarious and funny birthday wishes for wife, messages, poems for life partner . Wish her  and tell her how much you care for her with funny and hilarious wishes and messages and short poems.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband

Dear wife, I do admit that it is not you, it’s the delicious food that you cook, makes me crazy about you. Happy birthday, charming.

We are made for each other because I am a food lover and, you a perfect chef who cook finger-licking meals I love to eat, happy birthday, my wonderful cook and beautiful wife.

Don’t afraid to see yourself in the mirror because you are still looking young and beautiful, happy birthday to the most beautiful woman on earth.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

There are many reasons I love you a lot
You are so beautiful without any doubt
If you think I am crazy about your good looks
No, it’s the delicious food that you always cook
Happy Birthday to my loving wife and, thanks to recipes books

You take my breaths away with your smiling face
I am following your dreams and I one day will chase
One thing that attracts me and I always want to stay near
You are so beautiful and, what makes you beautiful is the dress that you wear

There is no moment in life when your are out of my mind
A wonderful Wife like you in not easy to find
Go to New York, London, or Perth
I am fortunate to say Happy Birthday to the moon that came today on Earth

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It’s is not easy to find a gift for a fortunate wife like you, who already blessed with the most precious gem on Earth, a perfect husband, and that’s me, Happy birthday my wife and my darling!

My beautiful wife, you are right when you say age is only a number for you because, for the last three years, your age is 26, 26 and again today 26.

Don’t get surprised if people start offering their seats in public transport to you. Simply read above, “Reserved for senior citizens.”

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

My dear wife, You can’t count stars in the sky. You are lucky as your hairs will also remain uncountable for at-least some couple of years to come.

 My beautiful wife, I was trying to turn your all desires and dreams into reality, as a gift on for your birthday, but I woke up early.

Don’t blame store owner for asking more money for candles than birthday cake, Yes it’s true, you are getting old but your heart is still young, happy birthday.

My gorgeous wife, you are more precious than diamonds and pearls, you are a priceless jewel, that’s why I’m not going to buy jewelry as your birthday gift.

 We should not worry about the things that happened in the past, So don’t be sad about getting older. Happy birthday, my loving wife.

On this special day, I would like to thank one kind, loving and caring lady for my happy married life, May god bless my mother-in-law, who brought you into this world.

We have no choice to choose our family, thank God husbands can choose their wives carefully!

My dear wife, on your birthday, I was trying to give you the best gift of this world, but they refused to courier myself to you.

You are just like a wine that is getting better by passing each year, happy birthday my love.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

It doesn’t matter if your hair turned gray, I will continue to buy those multi-color dresses for you, happy birthday beautiful.

Happy birthday dear wife and don’t worry about your age as you will look young and beautiful for the coming few years, at least.

Dear husbands, make sure you have active insurance plan before forgetting your wife’s birthday or birthday gift!

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funny birhday wishes for wife

Happy birthday, my pretty wife, one more year has passed happily without committing many mistakes. It’s quite surprising for a couple like us.

Old is gold that needs polish to shine, you look more beautiful by passing each year but only after wearing a beautiful dress.

Happy birthday, dear, I am lucky to have a stylish wife like but you are more fortunate to have a person, handsome and wise rolled into one as your husband.

This day is special for you, thank you for making all my days very special with your sweet smile.

One thing happens when you start getting old, you lose your memory, happy birthday, or belated happy birthday, let me think.

Old age brings sugar free eating! You are fortunate to taste a sweet birthday cake for some more years, happy birthday, dear.

Birthday wishes to a woman who is fortunate to have the best husband, the best husband, and the best husband.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

No wonder, if you need face creams in tons for your makeup, more layers on the face requires more anti aging creams, happy birthday.

Don’t feel sad, if you denture has gone for repair today, you can eat your soft birthday cake without your teeth effortlessly.

You can save on lighting because your white hair shines enough to brighten the party place, happy birthday.

Do you want candles for the cake? I don’t assume so, as your smile can be sufficient to remove darkness from the surroundings. Happy birthday, Love.

Dear life partner, looking into your eyes for minutes two always make me feel like I am in heaven with a fairy, but now only after drinking ten cans of beer.

I sometimes get surprised that who would have handled the entire mess, if you weren’t there. Happy birthday my Love.

Thanks for saving on lighting because of your shining teeth, enough to brighten the room, also thanks to your toothpaste Happy birthday to my lovely wife.

My dear wife, I love you more than my favorite football team, you can easily guess how much I love you. Happy birthday my best friend

Thank you for joining me on the journey called life, full of challenges, with you, life doesn’t seem challenging. Happy birthday to you, May God fills all your wishes and desires.

funny birthday wishes for life partner from husband 

I hope face creams and hair colors give you more power to beat your enemies, wrinkles on your face, white hair on you head, etc.

If I was requested to tell the cause of being crazy about you, I would not describe the aroma scent of your meals, as I don’t need to share it with any person. Happy birthday Babe.

We cannot stop age from growing, it’s inevitable, hopefully, hair colors, face creams are acceptable. Happy birthday to my stylish wife

Regardless of how old you’re, I can always give you the larger share of the cake! Happy birthday to you, darling!

Happy birthday, don’t be upset. At least you aren’t as old as you will be after 365 days.

Celebrating your birthday will add only one extra candle on your birthday cake and more white hairs on head, 10kg fat, we both know everything else will remain the same.

I always buy birthday gifts carefully for a person, keeping in my mind, what present that person gave me on my last birthday. So I decided to buy some candies for you.

 You are one of the luckiest persons whose birthday I can’t forget with the help of my smartwatch.

 On this great day, I don’t forget to set targets which can be sky-high, and spend the remaining of the year miserably looking to build a rocket to get there.

Hilarious birthday wishes for wife from husband 

 You are a special person and finding a gift for you is not a very easy task. So I didn’t buy anything for your birthday.

 Sensible, excellent looking, and humorous. However enough about me. Happy birthday!

 It’s scientifically proved that people who celebrate 35th birthday from the last five years live longer.

You are fortunate for being one of those people who can use hair colors to hide their gray hair instead of using a wig, happy birthday wifey!

 Congratulations on getting reasonably older!

 Always remember that growing old is necessary, however growing up is optional!

My dear wife doesn’t be sad on your special day nothing would change except turning some hair to gray. The rest will remain the same. We both know about it. Happy birthday to my dear wife.

 Another year has gone, you are getting only one year older today, this would add nothing but a pair of glasses on your eyes. Happy birthday dear wife

Happy birthday, my loving wife, Hope you get all of the very best things in your life just like you gave to me! Enjoy each moment of your special day to the fullest!

 As a wise husband, I will remember only your birthdays and forget your age. But, people can easily guess your age from the number of candles on your birthday cake. Happy birthday my dear wife.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

my dear wife on your birthday, I was trying to give you the best gift, but they refused to courier myself to you.

 I found the best gift for your birthday that you were searching for long, but could not buy it, because the shop was closed due to lock-down.

 I planed to give you the best present on your birthday, but they refused to courier my love to you. Anyway, Happy birthday to you, my beautiful wife.

Enjoy every moment your birthday, forget you are growing old, because this already happened some year ago, Happy birthday my, gorgeous wife.

 My dear wife simply throw your steel like denture, if someone asks you, old lady. Happy birthday my dear, wife.

I can never forget your birthday even without consuming memory booster pills, because of a good friend of mine, the Twitter reminder.

I can never forget your birthday even without consuming memory booster pills, because of a good friend of mine, a FB reminder.

Enjoy every moment your birthday, forget you are growing old because this already happened some year ago, Happy birthday my wife

Congratulations! New items added to the menu for your birthday celebrations sugar-free cake, diet coke but, only for you Happy birthday my, loving wife.

Wishing, you a superb day, to the most gorgeous and smart person, I know, and that’s me. And my best wishes to you on your birthday.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

Happy birthday, my sweet wife, a good husband, is wise enough to remember the birthday of his wife and forget her age.

I wish you the happiest birthday. You have all the power and joy of a 3-year-old kid.

Thank you for all the time being older than me. Happy birthday, friend.

You’re simply, getting younger bypassing each birthday!

Happy birthday my dear wife, may you live long enough you are living lengthy sufficient to look Amazon handing over at the moon.

Your birthday offers me yet another chance to drink lots of beer cans. Thank you and Many-many happy returns of the day!

Wishing you a more than happy birthday to my candy and beautiful spouse. Today is the day of the 12 months when I thank God for my sweetheart’s mother.

For the sweetest spouse, You’ve been like a perfect science experiment in my life. I now get it the real results of time and gravity. Happy birthday, wife!

 You already know dear, you’re so fortunate to have me as your good-looking husband but no longer I am lucky as you, just kidding!

 Happy birthday my beautiful wife, my love for you would remain the same even after your all hair turned gray.

 I want you a long-long life, excellent health, and prosperity. However, the long life is best in one situation that you don’t use any anti-aging cream.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

Dear honey, you don’t need to be worried about your wrinkles as you get older. I’ve given the antidote to your wrinkles. it’s precisely called paste a smile for your face forever. It is among the most efficient anti-aging cream and makeover. Happy birthday!

 You are now some other 12 months older, tough, wiser, and much more gorgeous. I like each and everything about you and hope you may have the best 12 months ever. Wishing you a fantastic and anti-aging birthday!

You already know nothing is warmer than an older lady like you. And an excellent husband always recalls your birthday, not your age. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear wife, May you live long with your real teeth.

Congratulations now you are very close to getting the reserved senior citizen seats on buses, and trains.

Dear spouse, Wishing a wonderful birthday to the most understanding, caring, loving, human being on earth whom I can support and love for my remaining life, regardless of your foolish mistakes.

Thank you for taking care of me and my children with great affection. Happy birthday dear. May God fill you life with happiness and endless joy.

funny birthday wishes for wife from husband 

Best girlfriend and best wife rolled into one, that’s you my loving wife Happy birthday to you, my love.

You make my life evergreen and wonderful, you have ways to turn worries into smiles. Happy birthday dear wife

This today is special for either one of us. Why? Because I’d have not tasted such tasty meals if you weren’t born. Happy Birthday, love.

Happy birthday, to my home manager, who does his duty 24×7 to make our family happy, Thank you, life partner.

I want to see your face in the morning, my dear beautiful wife, because your smile makes my day bright. Happy birthday to one and only wife of mine

Thank you for maintaining the same charm, as we have before our marriage even after many years. Happy birthday my beautiful wife

One can accept life’s challenges easily if he has a wise life partner like you. have a great day today

When a lady in beauty salon starts demands more money for your facial and makeup, you should understand you are getting old, happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a thief, who has stolen my heart and soul with her love, and cute smile.

Dear wife, I know that I am an essential part of your life, but still, you cannot imagine your life without beauty salon and shopping.

Don’t worry for getting old, you can still take my breath away with your killing smile. Happy birthday to an innocent wife.

funny birthday short poems for wife 

On this special day I want to kiss your hands
You cook so delicious food that can beat top chefs and restaurants
Today I want to share, what makes me crazy is not your killer looks,
It is the yummy meal every time you cook.

Happy birthday to you my darling,
Big day to celebrate, just waiting for sunset
Today is your special day, lots of presents you may get
I remember this day, but your birthday gift, I often forget
Believe me, our love is still like Romeo and Juliet.

Dear wife, many happy returns of the day
May God shower all his blessing on you
I am so fortunate to have you and its true
You are answer to my prayers from God, I love you.

My dear wife those days were gone
When I enjoyed late-night parties I was single and alone
Lunch with college friends in the afternoon
Happy birthday wife, you love to spend your time not with me but, in a beauty salon

funny birthday short poems for wife

Warmth of you love is enough in this chilling winter
You are my loving wife I am your perfect mister
May you get precious gifts not from me but from your sister
Happy birthday to you my home minister

Handle all situations well, you are so wise
Today looks so gorgeous, you are no nice
I feel so proud, you are my right choice
Happy Birthday Dear wife, you are next pop sensation, wow! What a sweet voice

funny wishes, messages, sayings with short poems for wife

Happy birthday to you my dear wife
Your mind is so sharp like a edge of a knife
You can fix all issues of life with a smile
Betterment of family this is the aim of your life

Happy Birthday dear wife, your face shines like Sun
Today is your special day may you get wishes and gifts in a ton
You looks beautiful and charming, my heart, you have won
Sorry for not bringing birthday gift, forgive me and make me today a lucky one

May God bless you with love in heart and peace
You love to eat pizza with mozzarella cheese
You accept tough challenges of life with ease
Happy birthday to you, here is your gift,  now smile please

May God bless you with peace of mind and wealth,
With a smile on beautiful face and with good health

My dear life partner, Many Happy Return of the day

I love you and wish you an unforgettable Happy Birthday

funny messages for wife

My dear, these lines are for you especially
You are my loving wife, play your role perfectly
You often fight with me, but you are so friendly
Happy birthday my caring wife
May God bless you for making my life heavenly

My beautiful wife even today you look so beautiful like a red rose
Whenever I see you I forget myself and life gets a pause
I love you so much because
Today I want to enjoy my wife’s birthday party and I want to stay close

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