motivational good morning messages,short poems 2023

Friends are very close to our hearts, sometimes they feel sad, due to the ups and downs of life, and need some courage. motivational good morning messages for friends can give motivation and encourage them to move ahead in life. Whenever your near and dear ones feel upset, send them some fine motivational good morning messages, so they may get energy to face the challenges of life again. Choose from motivational good morning messages from below that you feel, is best for them. Let’s continue with motivational good morning messages.

motivational good morning messages

Motivational good morning messages

  • Failure is not the opposite of winning. It is an important part of success. Remember, my dear friend, Good morning.
  • Believe in you and nothing can stop you from reaching the top, achieving success for a hard-working person like it not a very tough job, Good morning.
  • God has blessed you with a brilliant mind, and you are a talented person, never feel down, get some courage you can win the world, Gud morning dear.
  • Be kind and compassionate to others. You would get the same in return.
  •  Every failure is a lesson, learn from it well, and face a tough time strongly, and you will see sunshine shortly, Good morning.
  • Dream big and use your mind and the enormous energy that you have to make your desires come true, remember you are born to win.
  • People with a positive attitude find everything best in life. So have a positive mindset. Good morning!
  • The road that takes you to success is rough. Don’t afraid, soon you will find a way with flowers on it leading to your destination.
  • Optimistic people have more chances to become best than those who are not, good morning.
  • Learn to get inspiration even from small things that happen in life.  You are halfway done to achieve what you want from life.
  • There is at least a failure behind every success, always keep this in mind, good morning. 

Inspirational good morning messages

  • Only one man has the ultimate power to change your entire life, and that is only you.
  • If you think a superhero can do anything, just search your soul, and you will find that a superhero lies in you, good morning.
  • Every rose has thorns and, you have to pull out all thorns to make your life a bed of roses, and it is not impossible, good moring. 
  • Be a consistent performer in the actions of your life. You can turn your dreams into reality very soon.
  • Waiting for tomorrow is nothing but a waste of time because tomorrow will never come, so start your actions today if you want to become a successful person, good morning.
  • We can’t achieve success very easily, we have to face failures. So. learn from your mistakes and and move ahead with hard work and determination.
  • It is our actions that determines success or failure. So do your acts with at-most care my friend, good morning.
  • Throw all your worries away, and fill your mind with positive thoughts; it is the positivity, that unlocks the doors of success.

motivational good morning messages

  • Expect less and give more it gives you internal happiness and peace that lead yo to success. It also helps strengthen the bond of relationships, good morning.
  • Don’t think about your past and regret, think about the future, and start to act today to make it bright.
  • With your will power, you can break all the barriers that come between you and success, good morning.
  • If you have a positive attitude and faith in yourself, you can overcome any difficulty in life.
  • Your talent and skills give you another chance to prove yourself, don’t feel down, and be ready to catch the opportunity that will come your way, good morning.  
  • My dear friend, sometimes it’s good to make a change in life, it’ll help to turn things from wrong to right, good morning.

Motivational good morning messages

  • Life is full of ups and downs you should not afraid, face the heat and challenges of life, you’ll never fade
  • My dear friend, you don’t worry, I am with you through joy and sorrow, this night will over soon and, you will see bright and hopeful tomorrow, good morning.
  • Life gives surprises of good and hard times, and it may shake you, but you need not worry at all because you are a well-built person, it’ll never break you.
  • My forever friend, you should not despair, so many people love you, there are many for your care.
  • Life is not full of hard times that have no end, Stand firm you would overcome obstacles and set an example for them, good morning.
  • Get up my friend, don’t forget to achieve your goals, be ready for the future and to play your important role.
  • Life gives surprises of good and hard times, and it may shake you, but you need not worry at all because you are a well-built person, it’ll never break you
  • Dear best friend believe in God, trust yourself and miracle will happen tonight, and you’ll be in sunny daylight.
  • Dear friend, I pray to God, that worries never come around here, you always stay happy and sadness disappear.
  • When things are out of control and you feel down Just think of me and this will life you up.
  • Just follow on your ways and tell how you feel. Soon all your dreams will turn into the real.
  • Dear  forever friend you are intelligent and wise, use your brain to find a way, then you’ll get a better place.

Inspiring good morning messages, short poems

If you believe you can fly,
You only need to get some courage and to try
Move forward with confidence oh my friend
This is the beginning not the end

Hard work is the key to ending sorrow
Start to act today, don’t wait for tomorrow
Don’t worry if you have fewer resources
God is with you, against odd forces

My dear friend, you are the best
You always get success whenever life takes the test
You do every task with heart and zest
I want to be like you please, suggest

Oh, my friend, you are generous and kind
God has blessed you with a brilliant mind
For your success, your hard work is behind
Happiness would come no need to find

You are like the Sun, Shines so bright
You give inspiration to thousands of lives
The personality of yours clean like snow white
Just like moonlight in the darkest night

Motivational messages for friends against Covid-19, Request

If you feel sick and have a sore throat
Immediately go to a doctor, don’t say I can not
Stay away from everyone and put a mask
More information from a doctor, you may ask

COVID 19 has become the disease of the world
Stop it from spreading, dangerous is the stage third
Stop traveling in buses, trains and even in airplanes
From social gathering keep yourself refrain

Let pray for the people suffering from this disease
O God help them recovering we request you, please
For the safety of other people don’t hide your travel history
Be safe and cooperate with the health ministry

Doctors who are treating them, on earth they are God
Conditions are worse, but they know how to play their role
End of COVID 19, this is now only world’s Goal
Army, nurses, volunteers; people are participating with heart and soul.

Listen to it carefully my dear friend
Safety of our families is in our hands
All restrictions will soon come to an end
That’s why some facilities are temporarily banned

To challenge COVID 19, the world has become one
With united efforts soon we will win
Need some awareness and courage to show
We will stop this disease further to grow

If you feel a bit sad read human history
So many killer diseases but human always have the victory
Our doctors, scientists are doing their best with full dedication
Soon we will live our lives with peace and satisfaction.

motivational good morning messages

Please take care of children, this is our responsibility
They need more care and more facilities
Please take care of senior citizens, our pride our genius
For a healthy and happy life, we need their life-long experience

Everyone reaches out a hand for you to hold,  Together we can defeat Corona, that’s for sure,  By staying home, we are halfway there Social distancing is the main, we should take care

Dear friends, I want to tell you one thing Let’s help stop spreading Corona and do something  It’s been on my mind I need to say Corona has no mercy it can take the breath away

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